A Simple Template for Emotional Healing


This is a template for releasing bitterness, shame, trauma, and other negative emotions (the “made simple” version).

We are relying on the work of the cross, and the promises in scripture of what it accomplishes to liberate us from painful emotions and strongholds. Isaiah 53 says that Jesus would “bear our griefs and carry our sorrows,” and John the Baptist preached that he would be “the lamb of God who takes away our sins.” I’ve found that these are literally true and reliable promises that the Lord will “take away our sins” and “bear our griefs and sorrows” so that we no longer have to. He does this miraculously.

To be successful at taking our junk to the cross, it can be important to learn a few practical things. First, it’s important to let the Lord into the real content of our hearts, which is why I’m going to advise really getting in touch with the emotions and tracing them back to their earliest root in one’s life.

It is also important to get rid of anger, bitterness, and shame before getting rid of other negative feelings. This is because anger and bitterness put us in prison where we are “handed over to the tormentors,” literally as Jesus said, and shame likewise keeps us in bondage because it is a matter of not believing the gospel in that particular area of our hearts. If we don’t believe the gospel, we miss out on its benefits. Once we let the Lord remove these issues, other painful emotions can typically be removed completely.


Step 1) Get in touch with the root of the pain:

Feel your negative emotion which you want to get to the root of and get resolved, whether fear, powerlessness, low self-esteem, rejection, abandonment, hopelessness, anger, humiliation, whatever it is. You may try to define it in words. Really get a feeling for it.

Now relax, turn your logical “thinker” off, and just focus on that emotion, drifting back through that feeling (again, not through your logic, not through your opinion of where the issue probably comes from, but only through the emotional feeling) to the first time in your life you felt exactly that way. You will most likely drift backward through memories until you settle on one memory or on a set of memories at an early age.

Explore this memory that your emotions led back to and try to define what you feel there. Really try to get in touch with what is there emotionally. Don’t try to figure it all out. Don’t try to figure out the reason why you felt the way you did or some complex theory of where your problems might have come from. Just get in touch with the emotions at a simple level.

You want to get to the earliest root of the emotional issue in this way because dealing with it at a later stage will often not be fully effective.


Step 2) Get rid of any anger:

The good news is that, instead of trying to forgive in our own strength, we can rely on the Lord’s promise that he “takes away our sins.” Let the Lord supernaturally take away any anger towards others or even towards the Lord himself.

Get in touch with the anger (remember the incident and feel the emotions) so that you aren’t just “jumping through forgiveness hoops,” parroting empty words without being in touch with your heart.

Confess the revengeful emotions as sin (or confess holding onto them as sin) and renounce them (say you don’t want them anymore). Genuineness on these two points is a necessity. God is looking at the heart, not at the words.

Trust the Lord to remove the revengeful emotions and all other painful emotions from the memory based on the work of the cross. Just believe, hand them over, and wait a few seconds to let him take it.

You may need to command the enemy to go if he his holding the negative emotions in place (if they don’t immediately leave). You also may need to take authority to restrain the enemy if he is working to hinder things in other ways before this point (such as shutting down your emotions, blocking off your memories, causing anxiety or distractions, etc.).

If some anger is still left over, don’t give up, just do it again and trust the Lord to take the rest of it. If any STILL remains, you may need to trace that anger back to an even earlier memory it is rooted in and do the process there.

Once you get rid of the anger, all other negative emotions in the memory will often spontaneously leave as well. The job could be done at this point.


Step 3) Get rid of any shame:

Examine the root memory and check if you feel any shame or guilt in it. If you feel a need to, quickly repent of any wrongdoing on your part.

Realize that Jesus died for the sins of the entire world. That means all the sins of Hitler, every child molester, every serial killer, and whatever it is you did wrong that you are feeling shame or blame about. Put your sin in that light, compared to all the sins of the entire world, past, present, and future, which Jesus died for.

Receive the Lord’s forgiveness, and forgive yourself based on his love and forgiveness towards you.

Now, command the shame to go along with any spirits trying to hold it in place. Give the Lord a few seconds to take the shame. This also may spontaneously resolve other negative emotions in the memory. If nothing else, by this point you are free from the shame and anger, and you are ready to get rid of the rest of the negative emotions.


Step 4) Trust the Lord to remove all other negative emotions.

He bore your sorrows so that you don’t have to. Just trust him to take them, that simple. You may need to command the enemy to go if he is holding them in place.

Again, if some remain, they often need to be traced to an earlier memory where you will find their true root. Just deal with them in that memory to get rid of them for good.


Extra: It also seems that any hurt in the soul also affects the human spirit, so at the end, declare by faith that you are removing all the issues you dealt with from your spirit too.


Many times, if you cannot get in touch with the emotions or memories, or if you cannot get them to completely go, the issue can be that they are found in a fractured part. In that case, you will need to learn how to do this.


For a little bit deeper explanation of why I do memory healing like this, and how this can make you more consistently and fully successful at it (as opposed to haphazardly trying to remove any emotion in any order) you may want to read this.

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