What I Do

I come from a background of experiencing the Lord personally and getting involved with his miraculous healing of many physical conditions at a relatively young age. There are many aspects of Holy Spirit’s activities which I love and have emphasized during different seasons in my past, but even then, I’ve often been drawn towards operating in deeper healing.

I’ve participated in building and serving various communities of believers, in leading groups in encountering the Lord in various ways and pushing the envelope in our experience of Holy Spirit, outreach teams where we demonstrated the miraculous to the public all day long, prayer teams where we saw the atmosphere over communities significantly change.

At the end of the day though, I found many of these efforts to fall short in important ways. I found relationships, even among true leaders and those admirably dedicated to following Christ, to be completely sabotaged by unresolved brokenness. Significant moves of God came to an early end as a result.

I found the brokenness and dysfunction in religious communities to be devastating and deeply disheartening. I longed for reality and sustainability, not just a flashy front. My priorities shifted from things that impress to things that transform, from breadth of reach to significance of impact, from that which was commonly supported in the body to that which was often hidden and undervalued.

I would have thought my priorities already had shifted that direction long ago, and many would have agreed with that assessment, but actually, I would need a few “hard knocks” to learn where change was still necessary. I began to focus much more on the healing of the heart, the actual experience of our redemption rather than merely a head trip about it. I began to delve deeper into realms of personal healing I had thought were mostly completed already.

While ministering to a wide selection of people, I’ve seen good results in many areas, such as:

-healing of emotional trauma and related strongholds (i.e. bitterness and shame, all forms of abuse, etc.)

-healing and integration of fragments/fractured parts

-healing and synchronization of the “Core Identities” of the heart

-generational cleansing and removal of oppressive strongholds

-healing the human spirit

-healing and freedom from the disembodied human spirits of others

In my younger days, I thought there was a place for such things, but that the more important need was for broad, dynamic outreach to “change the world.”

Today, I have more of a long term perspective based on appreciating the value of deep and real transformation for each person. I work with individuals, sometimes over long periods of time, focused on quality rather than quantity, yet still with a vision for the transformation of all things.

I’m convinced that the world doesn’t need just another trendy message, but people who have been transformed in heart, who exemplify God’s healing love. Today, my focus is not so much on demonstrating a flashy sign and preaching a message, but on becoming a living message and helping others become living messages.

Because I’ve known the Lord to be a consistent worker of miracles, I have approached deeper healing with an expectation that he would do quick, miraculous works in that realm, rather than an expectation that I would need to focus on teaching coping mechanisms and psychological strategies for people to merely live with their wounds more intelligently.

I have not been disappointed as the Lord has shown up and done fast and incredible healing work for many folk’s severe internal woundedness. At the same time, I have been forced to face the reality of others who are dealing with complex issues that do take more time to unravel. Not everybody is a quick case. I am also only one of many ministries, and am more suited to helping some people than I am to helping others.

With the help of various friends who have seemed to show up at just the right time with just the right expertise, I desire to spread some of the lessons I’ve learned in these areas throughout the nations.