Ever wonder about how deeper inner healing and such things may open the way for one to receive healing of physical conditions?

With enough content for two or three books, this epic explores many areas of deeper healing not commonly understood, how ministry to spirit, soul, and body are often interrelated, uses many real life examples to answer big picture questions about healing and the heart of God, shares our journeys, how he has revealed his heart to us, and how he has led us out of religious mindsets that can so often make attempts at deeper healing unsafe and counterproductive.

If you liked Broken to Whole, this is a broader work exploring many similar healing topics, the heart and reasons behind it all, and enough practical “how to” info to get moving in all sorts of areas.

We wanted this book to be foundational, inspiring, mind and heart-changing, yet practical at the same time. With the help of some passionate, dedicated editors and friends, I think we’ve accomplished our goal.




Compiled by six very different authors, this book goes deep into the subject of healing fractured parts. (Fragments, alters, and dissociative ego states are some other terms used.) Many powerful, real-life examples of healing are included.

We share multiple approaches to healing, how to allow the Lord to resolve and remove the hurt and trauma carried by parts, how to deal with spiritual oppression, counterfeits, and spiritual resistance among parts, how to get past common roadblocks, and much more.

A typical misperception is that this sort of ministry is only for “extreme” cases such as DID, SRA, etc. We do share about ministry to those folks, but the truth is that this kind of healing is for everybody. It is all about finding and inviting the Lord into those areas of our hearts where our true brokenness lives, so that he can truly heal us.

Many cry out to God, begging him to take their hurts away, yet experience little to no relief. The reason for this is so often because he will only go where we invite him. He will not violate our will when a relevant aspect of our heart is resisting.

He often answers us by setting up the beginning stages of breakthough, maybe a certain connection, a revelation, maybe a key challenge or a conviction, but that is so often only a start.

We must open up the areas of ourselves which have held onto the real roots of our pains and problems, and we must allow him to work in those places. This book is meant to share what that can look like, to teach how that may be done practically. Many have experienced transformation this way.