About Me

I’m most at home with those who religion ostracizes, who don’t buy into every last line of the doctrine statements, who may be a little rough around the edges, who aren’t paranoid of going to hell if they hear a cuss word or if they give someone “license” to stumble through a journey of discovery. Actually, I call that love.

Jesus has been very real in my life since a young age, and I could never be satisfied with a “normal” life that would make sense to most people. After all I’ve seen and been a part of, I must spend my life in his presence and for his cause. Nothing else compares. God has shown me that he IS love (as opposed to being that sometimes but becoming something else if his kids misbehave). He has met me and worked in my life despite my not having it all together in so many ways, so I also meet people where they are and simply bring life to them, without requiring them to conform to a standard.

I’ve always been a bit outside the box, and have struggled sometimes with not fitting into church and ministry crowds. While feeling like the unlikely one and the misfit far too often, I’ve found the Lord faithful to miraculously open doors for me and to accomplish many significant things beyond my wildest expectations.

I’ve come to love being a part of this journey.

(Below is a better pic, but where I look like a kid 🙂