I’ve known people who had worked with SRA in the 80’s. At that time, they had fewer tools by far. Dr. Tom Hawkins was said to be on the cutting edge as he worked with parts and mapped out internal systems, defining various alters by their different roles such as “gatekeeper,” “protector,” “helper,” etc. He was doing deliverance and even beginning to experiment with the courts of heaven to address “cosmic beings.”

I had a mentor later on – Diane – who had begun to learn SRA work in those days under the wing of a Christian psychiatrist. They would use a Theophostic-based approach to help people recover memories, then invite Jesus into the memories to bring healing. She would be led into newer ways and would lament over how ill-equipped everyone had been for this when she began. They had a rough time, to say the least.

The saying was that it took about ten years to get decent healing from heavy SRA under the best ministries. These days, some are claiming to get it done in about two years with more advanced approaches. I wonder how that really plays out for different people though, because some survivors have about ten times as much to deal with as others.

Diane shared stories from when the only way just about anybody knew to heal DID was to have survivors re-live ALL their memories of rape and torture, with all the physical and emotional sensations intact. They would experience it all over again so that the repressed feelings could be processed by their now adult minds, rather than being frozen in a child state. This was the best that psychology knew to do.

The Christians would simply add an additional step of inviting Jesus to come into the memory and speak truth after the fact. Some would do deliverance too. This brought measures of healing, but was a horrible thing – experiencing the abuse double. Fortunately, we know now that reliving the memories isn’t necessary for the Lord to bring healing.

Later, Diane not only found better ways to approach that area, but moved powerfully in ministry to parts by travelling in the spiritual realm, as well as ministering to the human spirit and to AHSes (Alien Human Spirits, or in other words, people who died but haven’t quite crossed over into eternity – often found inhabiting people). She believed those last two areas had been important, missing keys for ministry with SRA.

I’m thankful for these and other advancements that have come. At the same time, none of the approaches I’ve seen quite live up to some of their hype, at least not in the hard cases. None of them are THE answer that changes everything, as helpful as some of them really are.

It has helped to trust the Lord bring miraculous healing to parts without needing to re-live all the abuse. The whole area of healing and recovering the human spirit, getting it established in the seat of dominion, and leveraging the authority of the spirit to help bring healing to the rest of the system has been a big deal. Dealing with the parts or spirits of cult members and programmers who are still active in the survivor’s system has been important. Advancements in working in the courts of heaven and in deliverance have been useful also.

With deliverance, we’ve especially found the info Dan Duval has brought out through his podcasts and website in recent years to be helpful. His material is specifically taken from work with survivors and addresses many complex things they get tied into in the spiritual realm.

Deliverance is helpful and necessary, but it will not solve the bottom-line issues in itself. In harder cases, we can’t even use the prayer resources on Dan’s site (or any others’ sites) as intended, because there are too many complications in the system to allow for that. It becomes both torturous and ineffective. We can’t merely read through anybody’s deliverance prayers as written as if they were the formula for freedom. We use the info in other ways though.

Also, what many don’t realize is that survivors are dealing with human beings – dead and alive – interfacing with their system and causing problems. Learning to work with foreign human spirits and parts of human persecutors has been invaluable, because they tend to be in charge of any large stronghold. When dealing with an especially rough area, we end up needing to get rid of “Councils of 13,” which range from groups of local coven members to Illuminati councils who oversee states, nations, and more.

Trusting the Lord – based on the work of the cross to bear our griefs and take away our sins – to supernaturally remove the woundedness, resentment, shame, etc. from the parts has been greatly helpful as well.

Still, this doesn’t guarantee a painless process. Many memories and painful emotions still surface at times if we aren’t intentionally going there. The enemy still has traps set up throughout the system to cause pain and misery along the way, even when the healing method itself isn’t causing it. Also, there are so many parts carrying so many different pockets of pain that the process still takes a lot of time and work.

One issue people have when they learn about quick, miraculous healing for parts is that they tend to want to integrate them all right away too. That may work in an easy case where there hasn’t been a lot of SRA, who doesn’t have anything approaching full DID. With harder cases, many of the parts are needed to function until most of the entire system gets healed, and that will take a lot more time than just healing individual parts. That means you can’t (or shouldn’t try to) integrate the alters right away as they get healed. The Lord won’t be in it and the system will fight it as well.

Understanding some of the ways that programming is done, how things are structured, how common rituals are done, how memories of rituals are hidden, and how to recover them has all been helpful to get to the root of what is empowering the enemy. Others have worked in this area and passed along their findings. We would be crazy or foolish to ignore that.

If the mind control and witchcraft can be broken that hide the sources of the problem, if the parts on assignment to shut down access to the memories can be reached so that we are allowed in, if internal computers can be accessed and information downloaded into the memory, we can get to the root of where troubles are coming from and (hopefully) resolve it. We can uncover the facts of the memories so we know what to renounce while trusting the Lord to filter out the overwhelming emotions and physical sensations at the same time.

This comes with a risk. When these forbidden areas are opened up and exposed, alarms may be set off and protocols of retaliation and punishment activated, even up to attempting to drive the person to suicide or to a life of debilitating torment. If you are going to open up the hidden memories of a potentially high-level survivor, you or somebody else in the person’s circles had better be ready to see them through all the way to the other side of their healing, even if it takes giving your life for it. This may start an open war in their system, but it is only uncovering what had always been hiding under the surface – so it can be resolved if you stick with it. Though many keys have been shared by those who have gone before us when it comes to resolving the rituals and programming, it still isn’t easy.

Making use of the courts of heaven to discover and cancel the enemy’s grounds, to overturn his judgments, and to deal judgment against him, releasing the Father’s decrees and help into the situation has been helpful as well. Parts can be safer processing their issues in the courts because they are in a heaven-governed environment rather than their original place of captivity. Still, going to the courts doesn’t necessarily make everything easy or cancel out the need to work through the nitty-gritty of what’s in the system.

Some ascension groups seem to think they have the silver bullet cure-all of “dealing with it from Heaven rather than on earth,” and act as if they can just take everything into court that isn’t responding to normal prayer, as if it will all be fixed quick and easy with their special protocol or position in the spirit, or something like that. The problem is that this theory hasn’t been successfully proven with survivors.

Some of the ascension groups are great at exploring heavenly places or taking easier things to court, but they have little to no experience or understanding related to all this. Intercession in the courts is good for certain issues, but it is only a part of a larger approach that must include a lot of persistent, practical work as well to have that big of an effect in a survivor’s life.

“Where” one prays isn’t the big issue here, although there do seem to be special courts to help with special needs. The big issues is helping the person break agreement with the enemy and find healing, regardless of where that takes place. Either way, there are often so many multi-layered agreements among so many different parts that it takes working through many complex details. Even if somebody could do it all through intercession in the courts, I don’t know how it could realistically be done quickly.

In the last decade or two, much revelation has been spread through the Body about the purely good and loving heart of God, about resting in the finished work of the cross, about our identity in Christ, about grace, freedom, and coming out of religious legalism. Ministries such as Bill Johnson, Graham Cooke, and various proponents of the “grace movement” have brought something of a revolution to Christianity as we know it.

The culture of the body of Christ is shifting to become a place where it is safe to be human, to share wounds and weaknesses, and to be led into a realization of being loved rather than condemnation trips. This is creating a better foundation for ministry to survivors, although, at this point, it still has a long ways to go. It’s true that knowing the love of God, knowing your identity in Christ, resting in the finished works, etc., are all key to walking in freedom and healing. Yet, people try to apply those things in a way that is far too simplistic, especially for survivors.

Survivors can’t just be taught about their identity in Christ with an expectation that much at all will change. The parts of them who are bound in shame, accusations, mind-control, and union with dark entities need to be reached, freed, and then brought into a revelation of who God says they are. It needs to be done, not just taught. Many survivors can’t so easily be taught about the Father heart of God, but the wounds, entities, devices, and programming that make God’s presence and his love register as nothing other than pain all need to be removed before an experience of his love will have any impact. There can be structures keeping them from the experience and revelation of God’s love that may take a long process to resolve. They may need people to be an example of love for them until they get to the place where they are able to receive it from Him directly.

Teaching about grace and freedom from legalism helps to build a safe environment for the healing process, but many survivors have such deep roots of fear that they need more than just a teaching. I would like to see the grace culture become more educated about what people are dealing with so that we stop giving simplistic, unrealistic pat answers. We need to start seeking the Lord with people for real, practical breakthrough.

Another big advancement has come in the form of ministry to the human spirit, rather than only to the alters and fragments. Arthur Burk has pioneered a lot of this to our knowledge, although John and Paula Sandford did a much more basic form of it earlier. Arthur has spread an approach of ministering to the seven portions of the spirit (one for each of the redemptive gifts listed in Romans 12), and getting them onto the seat of dominion they were originally meant for.

Early in the satanic rituals, the spirit is intentionally removed into captivity and replaced with a foreign entity. It becomes necessary to recover each of the seven portions from places of captivity, as well as recovering other fractures/fragments of the spirit that have been ritualized, separated, and used for different purposes in places of captivity as well. After recovering parts of the spirit, they may need significant healing and deliverance just like other parts of a person. Then, they can be nurtured, strengthened, and brought to their intended place of dominion. The seat of dominion may also need to be recovered from captivity, cleansed, impostors removed from it, etc., before the spirit can be at home there.

As the spirit is recovered, it can help with ministry to the rest of the system. As the most core aspect of the person, the spirit can stand in on behalf of the rest of the system and break agreements for parts who are in too much bondage to be willing themselves. We found the recovery and healing of the spirit to be powerful in strengthening the system as a whole.

At the same time, working with the spirit hasn’t been the fix-all silver bullet, nor has it taken away the need to work with the other parts or the need to do everything else I’m sharing about. There have been misconceptions. We’ve been taught about “alignment,” that the spirit is good and the soul bad, that the dirty soul’s job is to submit to the pure spirit as the spirit submits to God, and that this should be key to healing coming to the soul and body as it flows through the spirit. People teach as if the soul’s job is simply to be dominated by the spirit. We’ve found this to be false.

Authority in God’s kingdom doesn’t work like that. When we move in his authority, we don’t squish people into submission, turning them into mere extensions of our will. No. Godly authority expresses itself by serving others, by freeing others and connecting them with their own direct relationship with God so they can walk into their own sovereignty and full expression of the DNA he has placed in them. The authority of the spirit doesn’t produce a passive, tag-along soul who is silenced and kept under thumb, but a glorious, powerful soul.

The soul’s job is not merely to submit and be run over, but the spirit, soul, and body each have a direct relationship with God regardless of the state of the others, and each are to mutually submit to one-another, just like every other relationship in God’s economy. The spirit can release the life of God to the soul, but the soul can also release the life of God to a broken spirit. It isn’t as much a matter of who is ministering, but that God himself is being released to minister through them.

In our roughest, most involved case here, the ruler portion of the spirit couldn’t be kept in the system until issues in the soul were resolved. We would get ruler back, but it would always be taken into captivity again, and this got to where we recognized that even trying to get ruler back was counterproductive (too much suffering would be imposed onto the rest of the system). It wasn’t until we dealt with some major structures and strongholds that most people would label as “soul related” – Kabbalah rituals and a false tree of life structure with a false ruler at “the crown sephirot” (Kabbalah term) holding ruler in captivity – that we were able to get ruler back from captivity consistently. That is only one of a number of examples that could be used to make the same point.

Basically, we’ve found that it isn’t as simple as just working with the spirit and expecting the spirit to heal the soul. Sometimes, it takes working with the soul to get the spirit healed, and then, as spirit and soul are healed together, they both blossom more and more into active and interactive free agents. Neither is to be suppressed, silenced, or shut down in favor of the other.