Parts Within Parts and Gender Bender Parts

I’ve tended to share basic, introductory concepts related to what I do in deeper healing on this blog. Here, I’m offering a glimpse into a little more advanced possibilities. I’m going to share examples of:

-parts within parts     -half-human/half-demon parts     -gender bender parts

Examples are shared with permission, omitting identifying info.


Parts Within Parts

I was walking someone through healing a fractured part from deep rejection. In both simple memory healing and deeper work with fractured parts, I’ve consistently found it necessary to resolve anger and shame first to fully resolve other negative emotions (such as rejection.) I find that the Lord will consistently remove all the anger, shame, and remaining negative emotions if the parts carrying them are only willing to give him permission.

Parts may require some conversation with you and/or the Lord to become willing to give this permission. Once you have permission, you can command the bad stuff out (using your authority in Christ), or get the part in contact with the Lord and allow him to do it himself while you merely sit back. (Make sure it’s the real Jesus though, by checking whether everything in his eyes is loving and good. A false Jesus won’t be able to bring healing.)

In trying to remove anger from this part, I was running into an unusual problem. The anger wasn’t fully being removed, and the person was experiencing an awareness of a black cord, covered in barbed wire,  connected to the anger inside their fractured part and twisted up within them. Trying to command the anger out had the futile effect of pulling on this barbed cord. It wasn’t going to budge

As the person receiving prayer examined the black cord, there was another fractured part within the first fractured part, who was holding onto the end of the cord. This part was much younger and smaller than the first and also in worse condition. It seemed to be a toddler, yet appeared in such bad shape that we had some question about whether it even was a part. Was it possibly a demon instead?

I separated the demonic from the human aspects of this part (through a command of faith), and bound and restrained the demonic from having any influence or control over it. That seemed to help its condition, but I forgot to get permission from the part to remove the demons completely. This toddler was covered in something red, which turned out to be anger (surprise surprise), and as we invited Jesus to minister to her, layers of this redness were being removed.

The toddler’s eyes were filled with darkness, and that prompted me to get its permission to remove all the demons. When they left, the baby’s eyes changed to normal blue. After a bit of work and a bit of letting Jesus minister to and talk to the toddler, it became willing to let go of the black, barbed cord so that the anger could be removed from the older part who the toddler lived within. The issue was that it needed to know Jesus could protect it, that it didn’t need the anger for protection anymore. This was resolved and the part set at ease as the Lord spoke with her.

There were further steps to walk this toddler part through, and it became ready to be integrated in only a few minutes. The older part had been receiving ministry for maybe three or four hours already (two sessions), then received a bit more significant help even after the Lord had healed the toddler living within her. She needed to be walked through the resolution of many different wounds and strongholds overall.

As I’ve shared before, I find it of great importance to bring healing to all the issues a part is carrying before integration, because whatever the part has is going to be integrated into the person when that happens.

Some of her and her toddler’s issues required generational repentance to resolve. (I had to lead the fractured parts through prayers of generational repentance, rather than only leading the core identity through that.) As I write this, the older part is still not fully healed or integrated, but I suspect would be ready for that very soon.

This is just an example of a complication, where a fractured part contained a fractured part of its own, and that part was heavily demonized, actually joined to the demonic as one.  (This is different than just being infested, but is a matter of actually being joined together as one being.) That part within a part needed a command of faith to separate the demonic aspect of itself from the human aspect before it could be worked with and before it could give permission for the demonic to be fully removed. All this was necessary before the anger of the older part could be resolved and we could move onto healing the deepest layers of rejection.

In these situations (where the demonic is joined to the human), I’ve found that trying to merely cast out or bind up the demons simply doesn’t work, because the demonic is woven together with the humanity, and you can’t cast out or bind up a human part of someone. A good clue to this is when someone has a “demon” that doesn’t obey commands of authority in Christ. If it were only a demon, that would be impossible. You can know that you are dealing with something else in those situations. The demonic aspect of the part must be separated from the human aspect of it before commands of authority will have an effect on the demonic. I run into this issue regularly.


Gender Bender Parts

In another instance, I was praying with a man who had a fragment (small part) which appeared as a very thin woman wearing a dress. This is not uncommon either. When there is a woman part within a man or vice versa, it doesn’t mean that they are transgendered or anything like that.

This means that some part of the person has rejected an aspect of their gender, or at least their perception of an aspect of their gender. I’ve always found the Lord to turn the opposite gendered parts back to the same gender as the host if ministry continues long enough.

As we identified some of the emotions that this woman part was holding, we were able to get some pains removed. We invited Jesus to come minister to her and were sure to have the woman look in Jesus’ eyes to check if everything in them was good, then to relay what she saw back to us. This is important because it can be so easy to run into spirits pretending to be Jesus, who look and seem like him in many ways, yet will always have something dark or creepy in their eyes. There are lots of religious spirits running around out there.

As the real Jesus was identified and as he ministered to this woman, we found that she was a motherly part of the person who was taking care of three young boy parts hidden under her dress. As in the previous example, these kids were in real bad shape.

I prayed to separate, bind and restrain the demonic from having any influence on them, and then asked for their permission to get rid of all the demons. I saw the two on the left raising their hands urgently that they wanted the demons gone, and the one on the right pointing to the other two, saying that they really needed help with their demons.

I had to explain to him that I wasn’t asking him about the other two, but about whether he was willing to have his own demons removed. He then raised his own hand to give permission as well. As I commanded the demons to be removed, all three kids took out jars containing insects, snakes, and maybe other creepy-crawlies, opened them, and let these “pets” slither, crawl, or fly away.

The three kids were healed from some more issues, fused into one if I remember right, then walked through some more healing before being integrated.

As the mother part received more ministry from the Lord, it seemed that she was becoming more “gender neutral,” and was becoming more agreeable to the idea of being changed back into a man. As I prayed for her name, body parts, clothes, and everything else to be changed back to the correct gender, she turned into a man who was wearing a dirty laborer’s uniform.

A later step of healing for this part (as the Lord spontaneously revealed) was to be taken into a heavenly shower facility to be cleansed. He came out clean, but with an alter-ego attached to his side. I wasn’t sure what to do about this, so I prayed for healing of this alter ego and a fusing together with the original part. (Fusing is where you join parts together with each other, rather than integrating them into the core person. It can be helpful as an intermediate step to make parts easier to work with if you have too many.)

Immediately, the man was perceived as being back to his prior state of being dressed in a dirty laborer uniform! I prayed to separate them again, and they were back to being a clean guy with a bad alter-ego joined at the hip.

It turned out necessary to have the two fully separated and this alter-ego removed. I think it was something demonic or possibly a disembodied human spirit attached to the part. Either way, it turned out to be something needing removal, not integration.

In this sort of healing, I’ve learned some things but am also stumbling around plenty of times, making mistakes, discovering new insights, and learning as I go. The good news is that the Lord is right there to clean up any messes and move things forward in a productive way even if I do miss something.

We need to be willing to learn by experience with all this. We can apply knowledge we’ve learned since many situations repeat in person after person, but there will always be new problems to solve as well.

I wish I could say I always know exactly what the Lord is going to do, but reality is that I rely on a combination of revelation, acquired knowledge and wisdom, and just kinda fumbling around trusting that somehow the Lord is able to show up and help people even if I don’t know all the answers. He’s really good at helping people despite my lack.

So, if you are wondering how to get started in this area, even in praying for yourself (since I and the people I know who do this are very limited in ability to take on new people), maybe I can say it’s time to get out of the boat and walk on the water? Even if you fall, there is someone right there to pick you up. Just make sure it’s the Jesus with love in his eyes, not the other guy. (That was a bit of a joke. He’s still with you to pick you up even if you contact the other guy by accident first, as I have more than once.)

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