A Few Helpful Resources

A Prayer to Release Trauma:

I’m not usually a big fan of pre-set prayers, but several people I’ve been praying with have found this helpful for them. I’ve seen this make a noticeable difference for some of those heavily traumatized and fractured:

Covenants Within Contracts Prayer:

These are a series of prayers developed by Arthur Burk to break hidden, oppressive spiritual covenants which people enter into when signing different kinds of contracts or agreements.

Covenants within Contracts

I share because when I prayed through it myself (experimentally) I felt some things lifting off of me. When I prayed through the one on the banking industry, I strongly felt something lift out of my leg. My bank (Chase) was specifically mentioned in that track as being a likely one to include hidden covenants.

Richard Rohr on Becoming Stillness:

I love this guy’s incredible insights on so many subjects. Here, he shares many useful things about contemplative prayer as a means of finding peace within.


Healing the Human Spirit:

This is a great presentation from Dr Rob Ruckert on healing the human spirit:

A Resource for Understanding Ministry to DID:

Restoration in Christ Ministry (RCM), originally led by Dr. Tom Hawkins and now by his widow, Diane Hawkins (an SRA survivor herself) has been heavily working with DID and such since the 1980’s (if I remember correctly). They have been one of the early pioneers to teach ministry to fractured parts and certain related subjects, such as the courts of heaven, to the widespread body of Christ.

Their approach seems to be focused on the most extreme end of the scale, rather than on ministry to the common fractured parts everyone has which I’m usually talking about in my posts. Nevertheless, the principles are often the same.

I can’t promise that all the healing approaches taught would be something I would endorse. I’ve run into widespread use of approaches I don’t endorse, usually called “memory work” or “memory healing,” which I’ve found to be unnecessary and unnecessarily traumatic for people when working with their more significant fracturing. I’m a bit concerned that this ministry may still be teaching that approach, by the looks of the names of some of their seminar modules.

Still, they are going to have tremendous wisdom and insight into the general subject of understanding DID and ministry to it, even if my suspicions are correct. I expect that I could learn a ton from their decades of intensive experience.

Education is helpful here, and I don’t think it’s healthy to only get your info on such a thing as this from only one source.

Here is a link to their more in-depth materials ($95 for Mp3 format):



An Encouragement for Those in a Healing Process:

You don’t need to have this all figured out. This isn’t about figuring out an equation to get yourself healed. The Lord is healing you. It is your job to rest and receive, nothing more. HE is your healer, just believe it and let him continue to do it.

Let him love you. He wants to take the burdens from you. This isn’t about you having to perform or have all the answers. You never possibly could, but he does, and he is leading you in them. He is perfectly faithful to complete that which he has begun in you and will do it. Again, your job is just to receive.

Many times we can get all caught up in thinking we have to figure out how to get healed, work the equation, learn everything, make it happen, but redemption doesn’t work like that. Redemption is a gift from the lover of your soul, and he is redeeming you piece by piece, whether you see it all happening now or not. Just let him do it. If you could do it yourself there would be no need for the cross.

It is good to learn from others, to learn wisdom about how the spiritual and human internal realms work, and about how the Lord often works in those realms. At the same time, let him be your guide. Let him be your source. Just let him do what he wants to do, what he has already given everything he had so that he could do for you.

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