1- Helpful Resources

Here are a few good resources with extensive information on SRA and mind control. Not a lot of fun to read, but helpful if you know people with that background.

Bride Ministries Podcasts (usually interviews with survivors who have found breakthrough in different ways, typically focusing on the wild and woolly of the spiritual realm): https://discoveringthetruth.podomatic.com/ Restoration in Christ Ministries (Training and Resources for SRA/DID ministry): https://www.rcm-usa.org/index.html DeprogramWiki, Svali Series (Former Illuminati programmer shares her secrets through two free, online books and a series of blog posts): https://deprogramwiki.com/category/svali/ Arthur Burk “Tools for Freedom” available through Sapphire Austria (his approach to working with the human spirit and healing DID): https://slgaustria.com/14-downloads?p=5 Revelation Gateway (SRA survivor with 20yrs ministry to other survivors trains others to do the same): https://www.rgmconnect.com/training.html