1- The Basis of the Enemy’s Grip on an SRA Survivor

(TRIGGER WARNING: details of satanic rituals are shared)

I’m aware that many ‘professionals’ don’t believe in a spiritual enemy (demonic or evil entities), and that such a belief is considered backwards in that community. What I share here is based on experience and what I’ve found helpful for those who obviously have carried a combination of human trauma and infestation by evil entities, not based on what is popular among psychologists. (I’m not one.)

I write this in the midst of what has become an in-depth journey helping some higher-level survivors. I’m going to share some basic lessons I’ve learned.

So, what is the basis of the enemy’s grip on an SRA survivor, and why do even the best of normal approaches to resolving that (standard inner-healing and deliverance ministries, standard counseling, Christian teaching and discipleship, etc.) almost never seem to make much progress in their situations?

The answers that normally apply to everyone do fit here. The basics stay the same – the enemy only gets power from human agreement in some form – but there is a whole other dimension to that with survivors.

Human beings went to great and sophisticated lengths to build an undercover system to house the demonic, parts of the perpetrators, ties to corporate strongholds, etc. It is intentionally designed to be as difficult to heal as possible.

So, just as with normal deliverance and healing, the real challenge is not the demons; it’s the human issues. However, with the survivor, they nearly never had a choice. They were tortured, drugged, hypnotized, and mind-controlled as a child, forced to come into agreement with the will of perpetrating organizations and people under threat of death and the death of their loved ones. They still don’t have much choice because the strongholds are housed in fractured parts who have their own will and must be worked with. The personality on the surface can’t choose for the other parts who are just as “core” as they are, even though they tend to stay hidden. Things become so much more complicated when people have been this intentionally involved in making and hiding all sorts of covenants with the enemy, layering in all kinds of trauma, etc. It gets a lot more difficult than just the schemes of the demonic world.

Basically, what empowers it all are the hidden covenants and agreements with darkness performed in satanic rituals, often repressed from memory and hidden by witchcraft, mind-control, spiritual structures (such as walls, computers, bombs, anything imaginable), demons, and parts whose job it is to keep everything hidden. In a recent case, it all operated hidden under my nose for a year, even while I ministered to her fractured parts, while she was effective in healing ministry herself, while she had 30 years or so of building a deep relationship with God and being involved in Christian organizations, etc.

The parts carry the heavy woundedness, the mind-games, and the agreement of the human will, which are the major issues, but the demonic (and/or other evil entities) are like the security system keeping it all protected from those who would interfere.

So, here are some of the kinds of things that take place in satanic rituals, things that give place to the enemy, things that need to be broken before the demonic will leave so that the person can get healing:

Oaths, vows, blood pacts, blood covenants: covenants and contracts signed in blood or otherwise, confirmed by drinking/eating of blood or other body parts and fluids (unholy communion)

Human and animal sacrifices: can include abortions, the survivor’s own babies conceived and birthed for this purpose, eggs from the uterus, blood or bodily fluids, parts of the person sacrificed in the spiritual realm, parts of family members or parts of others who have been spiritually trafficked, and even parts of parts or blood/fluids/essence/energy/etc. of parts

Dedication of the family line, of certain of an ancestor’s descendants, of the child to various evil entities and groups in return for the perpetrator gaining occult power.

The sale of birthrights, gifting, spiritual inheritance, the birth certificate itself, to darkness. These things seem to involve parts of the person being dedicated to the evil entities and sent to their realms to serve them.

Re-birthing rituals, death and resuscitation rituals, burials and agreements made with Death, Hell, and the Grave (in some of these, the survivors are actually killed and then medically resuscitated for ritual/spiritual purposes)

Baptisms in blood, urine, fire, or unholy baptisms in water to evil entities.

Authority granted by parents/g-parents/leaders for others to perform proxy rituals (rituals done elsewhere on behalf of the survivor, such as stabbing a voodoo doll), the use of dna, hair, or anything representing the person in proxy rituals. Candles may be burned to evil entities with the person’s dna mixed in, etc.

Ungodly adoptions and genetic splicing/manipulation (can be done in conception rituals, in-vitro, or in the spiritual realm)

Unholy marriage covenants to people, demons, lucifer, councils of abusers, etc.,

marriage oaths, vows, agreements, rings and garments, dowrys and gifts exchanged, eternal covenants (effective even after death), parts given to various entities and groups the marriages were done with to serve them in realms outside the body, etc. Marriage supper of the Beast with the person’s name written in the goat’s book, consummations

Slave-Master agreements/contracts/vows of slavery and obedience, chains of slavery and such, agreements of submission/allegiance/compliance/secrecy/silence to evil entities/programmers/groups

Ownership rights/contracts/bills of sale/transactions and the giving over of a person, their body and their parts to entities and groups

worship and sacrificial offerings to entities and groups

sexual activities and sex magik with various people, parts of people, and evil entities, ungodly ties and ownership claims/access formed

Priesthoods/priestesshoods and positions given in the occult, parts being joined to evil entities and taking on the identity as various gods and goddesses

Parental bonds with evil entities such as lucifer, dragons, etc.

Psychic surgery to implant structures, sacred geometry such as pentagrams to summon evil, marks and cuttings and tattoos designating ownership by evil entities

Penalties and curses for breaking covenants or agreements with evil entities and groups, penalties for non-compliance, agreements that if things are broken or disobeyed that certain consequences will take place to the survivor, their family, their loved ones, that agreements will be re-written and re-instituted, that more access to and authority over the system will be granted, etc. Consequences and punishments if information is shared, if memories are uncovered, if strongholds are seen or discerned by the survivor

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but you may see how typical deliverance would never address the real issues behind the demonic infestation. All these things can be simply renounced and broken by the blood of Jesus, but the trick is finding out what has been done and what needs to be broken, especially since great measures are taken to hide it all.

As you can tell, it is set up in layers, with measures against breaking free, but those can be discovered and renounced and removed too. These things have no more authority than the survivor and their parts have been tricked into giving them by agreement (under mind control, at a young age usually, and under torture), and all that agreement/authority can be taken back. Sometimes these things must be renounced on behalf of ancestors, since it was done over and over through the family line and the agreements passed down. This may involve dealing with parts of the ancestors tied in with the survivor’s strongholds.

These rituals and agreements can be made in the physical, or they can be done in the spiritual realm through astral projection and interaction with a survivor’s parts. Even if one hasn’t been through physical rituals, one may have been ritualized in the spiritual realm. The effects are less dramatic but still there.

For any of us, it may help to renounce the above agreements with evil on behalf of ourselves, our ancestors, and all our parts. Many times, these things may be in our generational line somewhere even if it stopped happening in the physical at some point. If our human spirit is online, it can stand on behalf of all our parts (being the most core part of us) and renounce things even if we have parts who want to be in agreement. Then the parts must be recovered and healed up so that they don’t get re-taken by the enemy.

Also, standard issues such as resentment or shame can keep things in place and must be given permission for the Lord to remove before some of these things will truly leave. Grief can be tremendous and there can be resistance to facing what happened. Denial programming is put in to make the person resist the knowledge of what happened. Permission is all that is needed, then a prayer of faith by someone to have the emotional issues removed. That really works consistently and instantly with such enormous emotional baggage, but sometimes you also have to get to the bottom of complications to make it work.

Of course, there are other dimensions involved, such as other timelines, realms, cosmic and inner earth trading networks, weird things like that which come into play, but this is meant to explain the basic foundation for what survivors are dealing with, not to get into every possibility.